[thedump] Teacher Training, Week of June 19

Felicia Berryman felicia@lon-capa.org
Tue, 17 Jan 2006 13:46:47 -0500

Hello Teachers,

Yesterday at our meeting we tentatively planned our LON-CAPA teacher 
training for the week of June 19.  I found out from one of of 
yesterday's participants that another teacher education program will be 
going on the same week as our tentative training here at MSU.  I spoke 
with DSME and found out that there are quite a few programs occuring in 
June for teachers in the Lansing area.  It is very likely that whatever 
time we choose for our LON-CAPA teaching training will present some 
conflict with some of you.

Our LON-CAPA training and meetings are still tentatively planned for the 
week of June 19.  Please send me an email if this time conflicts with 
other plans.  If there are a large number of conflicts, we may 
reschedule for the week of June 26.  However, if there are just a few of 
you, we can probably compromise and offer an evening refresher training 
course and present a summary of updates about TheDump.  I have already 
requested a computer lab for the week of June 19.


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