[thedump] Seeking a mid-Michigan teacher to conduct survey

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Kym is a fellow grad student at the College of Ed.

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Subject: Clarification: Survey on video games, seeking a mid-Michigan


I'm seeking a mid-Michigan middle school or high school teacher, to help
administer a short survey about video games.

I'm a PhD student studying games and learning at Michigan State. My
survey compares students' recognition of famous people and famous video
game characters. It also asks some questions about video games and
school. I piloted the survey in late spring, with moderately interesting
results. I've revised the survey and I'm eager to hear from more
students. I'll publish the results.

Administering the survey takes about 20 minutes. The previous classes
greatly enjoyed taking the survey and discussing it.

If you're willing to help administer this survey, please contact me
off-list (buchan56@msu.edu).

(I apologize for the repost. I had parents contact me, but I'm looking
for a teacher.  :-) 

Kym Buchanan
Learning, Technology, & Culture (PhD student)
Ink: An Online Multiplayer Game for Writing & Reflection (Lead Designer)
300 Bessey Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824