[thedump] New Ticket Support

Felicia Berryman thedump@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:18:12 -0500

Hello Teachers,

Whenever you need LON-CAPA support in the future, please visit the 
http://help.lon-capa.org web site to find documentation, the LON-CAPA 
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area, and a link to the support form 
used to generate a LON-CAPA help request ticket.  We request your 
cooperation in using this form to submit a help ticket when you have a 
LON-CAPA question, or need assistance, in preference to sending an 
email, as you may have been accustomed to doing in the past.  It is 
hoped that adoption of the ticketing system will benefit all in the 
LON-CAPA community - instructors and support staff alike.  Multiple 
staff members in the LON-CAPA support team will monitor the help 
ticketing system. As a consequence, resolution of your support request 
should, in most cases, be faster than a reply to a standard e-mail message.


The LON-CAPA Support Team
Felicia Berryman
LON-CAPA Coordinator
Michigan State University
   Email:  felicia@lon-capa.org
   Phone:  (517)432-9866