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Hi Guy,

I got it to work.  Everything seems to be good functionally, but I have a
design question...what if an instructor has a test with 75 points possible,
and some student has 71 points correct.  If you figure the percentage you'll
have repeating decimals, which will lead to a non-integer test score.
Is there any way to force LON-CAPA to round to the nearest integer when
displaying the test score?

Nathan Schoenack
NDSU Physics

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Hi Nathan,

> I have been working on it this morning and have found a method that is
> basically identical to yours...although I didn't come across the need for
> your suggestion of
> "the string 'correct_by_override'".  I'll keep working on it under my
> and let you know.

You need to have this string and assign it to the field 'Problem

With out this the Nav screen, the Spreadsheet, and the student 'Quick
Grades' screen will be partially dysfunctional.

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