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Hi everyone -- A physics colleague of mine just got stuck teaching an
extra physics class because one of his colleagues resigned suddenly.  

He doesn't really know LONCAPA, but he is interested but would like to
know where to look for resources for his course.

I don't really know the physics resources out there.  I wondered if
there is some basic course that is setup or there some organization by
textbook or should we just search for problems for him.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks --jim  

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Subject: [LON-CAPA-users] grading question

How is grading of multi-part problems done? I have a 3 part problem, and
a student have two parts correct, one part wrong. Nevertheless, the
student receives no credit for the problem. Is grading supposed to work
this way? -It seems to me that the default for a multipart problems
should be to split up the available credit evenly between each part.


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