[LON-CAPA-users] ATutor 1.2 (Multilingual Release)

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July 7, 2003
ATutor 1.2 (Learning Content Management System)

[accessible, adaptive, open source, learning content management]

ATutor 1.2 has been released, an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed to be accessible to assistive technology users, and adaptable to a diverse range of learning styles and skills. Visit our Web site for complete information, demos, and downloads, or read on for an overview of ATutor, and for a description of what's new in this release and what we're working on.

ATutor: Learning Content Management System

ATutor is being developed at the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) at the University of Toronto. It is an online course authoring tool and learning environment, compliant with W3C Web accessibility specifications (WCAG 1.0 P2+, XHTML). It may be used, modified, and redistributed without charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). 

New in ATutor 1.2

Multilingual support is the primary "new feature" in this release. We've created a set of tools that allow users to translate the ATutor interface and manage languages from within ATutor. The language itself has been removed from the files used in previous versions and moved into the MySQL database running behind ATutor. Language Packs can be download from the atutor.ca Web site and installed on an ATutor system in minutes.

Other improvements include extended caching capabilities which make ATutor even faster than it was. A complete set of icons have been created to add visual representations for each of the ATutor tools. AChat-PHP has replaced the third party chat application we were using, now making it possible for assistive technology users to participate in synchronous communication activities from within ATutor courses. And, lots of other minor bug fixes and enhancements ...

Coming in the  Next Release

1) ACollab will be available as an "addon" for the next major ATutor release, designed to support group teaching and learning strategies. Development is well underway. Features will include a shared documents library, a document drafting room, group role assignment and communication tools, and more. Visit the ATutor Web site for more information and an early demo.

2) Now that the IMS Content Packaging specifications (V1.1.3) have been finalized we are continuing with our development of the ATutor Content Packaging Tools. These tools will allow instructional developers to create  portable "content packages" that can be interchanged between courses, between ATutor systems, and between other IMS compliant e-learning systems.

Expect the next major release in October 2003.

Greg Gay
ATutor Project Manager
ATRC: University of Toronto