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Fri, 7 Feb 2003 16:33:39 -0500 (EST)

Hi Mark,

> What would a sample style sheet look like that would add
> a duedate and title to the top of all problems?

Sorry I meant to do this awhile ago:

Publish a file ending in .sty that conatains the XML below and then in
the course go to PARM->"Set Course Environment" and set the attribute
'Default XML Style File'
to this file.
(BTW the example below is published as

The example below
1) puts the title on every problem 
2) Puts out the phrase
    Points: (whatever the weight was set to)
3) Puts an <hr /> at the end of each problem on screen
4) In web mode the title appears in a blue

Things to note:
1) I am rewriting what the <problem> and </problem> tag do, you can
get similar effects on HTML file by rewriting the <body> </body> tags
2) Note that you can effect all possible tags, if you don't like
the default tex conversion for a specific tag you can use this as a
way to rewrite it's effects
3) There are ways of talking about the tags args I'll chat about this
in a more invloved example later
4) You can easily make things start to act dysfunctional.

<definetag name="problem">
        <tex><problem><displaytitle />Points:<displayweight /></tex>
              <p><font color="#003399"><displaytitle /></font></p>
              <p>Points: <displayweight /></p>

<definetag name="/problem">
        <web><hr /></problem></web>

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