[LON-CAPA-users] School district NSF grant

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Mon, 09 Sep 2002 10:08:45 -0400

Hi Lars,

I have some questions for you:

What is the purpose of the grant - will you be able to give me the NSF
website (call for proposals)?

We have been doing the RET now for 2 years as a supplemental grant to
the ITR.  The RET allows a $1K/teacher for supplies, with most of the
money going to the teachers as stipends.  The grant officer has waived
the restriction for not paying for equipment by allowing us to purchase
the servers from the grant funds. ($30k total for the supplement)

Are there any such restrictions in the grant you are applying for?

We require that the teachers submit a one page proposal on what they
plan to do and how they plan to use LON-CAPA in their classroom.

We also require them to commit to training over the summer and to attend
about 4 meetings/year so we can have some face time with them.
We ask that they attend the user conference or give a presentation about
their LON-CAPA experience at a teachers' conference in state.

We pay the stipends on a quarterly basis.  The final check is issued at
the year-end meeting, which is a celebration luncheon.

The teachers may need money to pay for substitute teachers - it depends
on the school district.
If teachers will be traveling, you will have to include travel and hotel costs.

We do not spell all these things out in our budget - we leave it to the
teachers to use their funding from the stipends.  

We also ask each teacher to give us a letter of support from their
principal, and we get a technical contact person from the school
district to work with.

I could offer more suggestions if I could read the proposal.

Please check with Hon-Kie and Chaden, as well.
I am not sure they are on this listserv.

Lars Jensen wrote:
> Our school district is submitting an NSF proposal, and we have been asked
> to be part of that. The district is seeking ways to enhance education
> through collaborations with area colleges. In a meeting on this, I
> proposed that we (TMCC) help the district schools set up an on-line
> homework service, using lon-capa. We could host lon-capa at our school,
> and provide support, set up problem sets for the schools, etc. We could also
> provide in-service training in lon-capa for teachers, etc.
> My question to the readers of this forum are:
>         1) Do we have any prior examples of such use of lon-capa?
>         2) Are there anyone I should talk to about this?
>         3) Any suggestions for what to include in the budget?
>         4) Do you have any ideas or suggestions how to implement this?
> Thanks,
> Lars.
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