[LON-CAPA-users] conditions in spreadsheet?

Ray Batchelor lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 09:51:37 -0700

Thanks Gerd,
                    This is the kind of info I was seeking.
  At present, the spreadsheet serves the dual purpose of showing the students 
their current marks status and also of generating reports (which I want to 
import into our own grading system, weekly).  I was hoping to be able to 
generate a spreadsheet which served both these purposes, such that I would 
not have to do any weekly manipulation of the spreadsheet nor any 
post-processing on the csv output in order to do the import.  For this to 
work the output must indicate "which sequences are past-due".
  Perhaps, for the time-being, post-processing is still the way to go.


On June 26, 2002 06:23 pm, you wrote:
> Ray,
> While cells can contain any Perl code (loops, ifs, unless's, etc), a very
> easy way to implement conditional return values is the "?" operator in
> Perl:
>  (condition?return if true:return if false)
> For example,
>  (A5<5?3*A6:A7)
> will return three time A6 if A5 is smaller than 5, and A7 otherwise.
> To get conditions based on time, use the &EXT function, like in
>  &EXT('system.time')
> which returns GMT of the server clock.
> There is a danger to time-dependent calculations: the whole spreadsheet
> caching is messed up, since sheets basically are stale the moment you
> calculate them.
> To make sure you get up-to-date information, you have to "Completely
> Recalculate Sheet" every time that something else in that condition
> changes. In case of weekly deadlines, all sheets are stale weekly.
> - Gerd.
> Ray Batchelor wrote:
> > Here is a question I have that perhaps others might need an answer to
> > also. I haven't found an item on this in the FAQs...
> >
> > I want to specify a condition inside a spreadsheet cell so that what it
> > outputs depends upon whether the duedate is past.
> >
> > Any tips on what the correct syntax might be?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Ray
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