[LON-CAPA-users] giancoli problems?

Travis Souza lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:48:18 -0700

Lars Jensen wrote:

> I understand the presence of the copyright issue when dealing with
> private publishers. As it happens, though, we use Giancoli both for
> algebra based and the calculus based physics courses at TMCC.

Gerd Wrote:
>"In the last two weeks, four major publishers contacted us regarding
translation of
>CAPA problems into LON-CAPA and/or creation of new LON-CAPA problem
libraries for new
>books. Due to the workshops, we were too busy to give them any kind of

I have been lobbying our publishing reps to look at LON-CAPA.  I 
believe that if we can get publishers on board we will be able to
greatly expand the usage of LON-CAPA.  The more resources we have the
more users we will attract.  The more users we have the larger the pool
of code and resource contributors, which only enhances the project.  I
think the publishers will allow us to license their question banks.  

As one publisher said to me, "We are in business to sell books!"  if a
campus is using a publishers book, because LON-CAPA is a password
protected environment that is basically an extension of a 'classroom',
use of problems might fall under 'fair use' policy.  However, it is
always better to get explicit permission from the publisher.


>Obviously, we need to attend to this matter ASAP. Any input on how we
>negotiate regarding:
>* translation of problems
>* coding of new problems
>* access to the problem libraries (domains, access software keys,
>* location of the server (at institution or at publisher)

I hope that TMCC can contribute by helping to convert publisher
questions, create an application to create, import (either author or
publisher files) and upload LON-CAPA problems.  We will be discussing
our priorities and the resources that we can devote in the very near

Ideally we should have publisher domains hosted by publisher library
servers, within that they could have a key or password they could give
to institutions adopting that text to use certain domain resources in an
institutions courses.

If we can develop client app. that will allow publishers to easily
convert their question sets into a LON-CAPA problem XML file it will be
an easy sell to get the publishers to do conversions, if they don't
bite, then it will be easy for us to convert with their permission. 
Additionally it would allow faculty  to use existing resources to
develop courses.  All of this would be helpful to extend LON-CAPA beyond
Math, and Physical Sciences.
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