[LON-CAPA-users] RPM update

Lars Jensen lon-capa-users@mail.lon-capa.org
Thu, 30 May 2002 23:16:59 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Martin,

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Martin Siegert wrote:

> I.e., all the packages that were listed by check-rpms are already
> installed on your system! Check-rpms lists them because there is a
> newer version available. At this point you have serveral choices:
> 1) uninstall the old version of the packages, if you do not need it.
> 2) upgrade the packages (e.g., check-rpms -v -r --update ...)

Does the dots mean -ftp rpm-file-server ? I assume that check-rpms needs
to have something to compare against, right?

> 3) do nothing. Note, however, that most updates released by RedHat are
>    security updates. Thus, by doing nothing you leave a package installed
>    on your system that has a security hole. When choosing 3) you must be
>    able to decide whether you are vulnereable to that security hole or not.
> My advice is: choose 1), if possible, otherwise choose 2). I recommend
> to run check-rpms -v at least once a week.

Again here: do I need the -ftp flag also ?

> With respect to dependencies:
> run "check-rpms -v -r --update ..." first. check-rpms updates all packages
> at once (with the exception of the kernel). By doing so all dependencies
> should be resolved. The assumption is that the old packages that are
> installed on your system have the same dependencies as the new packages.
> This would be true, if updates of packages do not introduce dependencies
> that did not exist between the old packages. This is the sane way of doing
> things and almost always correct. Unfortunately RedHat has introduced
> a few "insane" updates that do introduce dependencies that did not exist
> before. Sigh. If there are such packages with new dependencies that cannot be
> resolved within the packages that check-rpms lists for upgrading, then
> check-rpms will fail (without doing any damage). In those cases you have
> to do the upgrades that involve those packages by hand. It would be nice,
> if check-rpms could handle those cases as well and I spent quite a bit
> of time investigating this problem before I discarded it as beeing not
> feasible. It basically cannot be done without downloading the whole
> update directory tree to your machine.
> Thus: try "check-rpms -v -r --update ..." if it does not fail - fine.
> If it does, send me an email with the output of check-rpms and I'll try to
> help you to figure out what's wrong. 

The output I get (or part of it) is included below - I understand that
some dependencies are not satisfied - can I download the rpms needed to
satisfy the dependencies with check-rpms -ftp also? Or how do I get them?:

The other error below, I don't understand - should I worry about it?

I also get a these messages:
lnet-0.17.6x-18.i386.rpm ... not needed:
error: cannot open Depends index using db1 - Permission denied (13)

** rechecking telnet-server-0.17.6x-18.i386.rpm ... not needed:
error: cannot open Depends index using db1 - Permission denied (13)

...more of these 

RPM files to be updated:

This list goes on...

error: failed dependencies:
libtiff-devel is needed by imlib-devel-1.9.13-3.6.x
rhn_register is needed by up2date-2.7.61-6.x.1
python-xmlrpc >= 1.5.0 is needed by
up2datepoptmodule.so is needed by

Thanks for your help.

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