[LON-CAPA-users] problems with mass-enrollment at the domain level

Itay itayf at nospammail.net
Thu Oct 15 05:56:55 EDT 2020


As a domain coordinator I am failing to use the mass-enrollment mechanism.
Failure means that new students were not enrolled to the system, while no error/warning was produced.

Here is a minimal mock input file; the description below applies also to the real list of students.


I did the following steps:

1. As domain coordinator...
2. Menu >> User Management >> Upload Users List
3. Upload input file
4. Judging by the preview Lon-capa identifies the structure correctly.
5. Associate the columns with the correct fields, including username.
6. Adjust other parameters:
    * Select Local authentication
    * Keep default domain (our jce.ac.il)
    * Confirm Starting Date = today
    * Check 'no ending date'
    * Keep selection 'No role changes'
    * Keep *un*checked: 'Force change of existing ID' and 'Update ID in user's course(s)'.
7. Click 'Update Users'


The system think for a few minutes and displays the following message:
Adding/Modifying Users
Please be patient -- checking for institutional data ... done
Processed 0 users.
No roles added

As mentioned before, no error message is displayed.

New users are still not enrolled as demonstrated by searching for them in the system.

I would appreciate any help to resolve that issue.

Thanks in Advance.

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