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Susan Masten masten at egr.msu.edu
Sun Mar 15 15:44:13 EDT 2020

Hi all,

We officially went online on Wednesday (announced at 10 am to go online 
at noon on the same day). Luckily because of my age and underlying 
pulmonary issues, I had already gotten permission to go online the 
previous Monday. That gave me time to think about how to accomplish the 
switch and notify students before they returned to campus after Spring 

The biggest changes for me are:

  * giving lectures via Zoom, which I record and then post on LON-CAPA
    (works then for both those who can/wish to be online during class
    time and those who can't/don't wish to)
  * eliminating exams 2 and 3 and making the homework for the second
    half of the course worth 20% of their grade
  * reducing my expectations on the project and eliminating the
    in-person presentations during the final exam and increasing the
    worth of the project
  * doing participation exercises online through LON-CAPA, but giving
    them more time and making it (at least initially) more supportive
    than anything else.  (This weekend's question was what I can do as
    your instructor or as associate chair for UG studies to help you in
    this challenging time).
  * listing online videos of course-related academic seminars for the
    extra credit assignment. (Colleagues on Twitter have been awesome at
    providing me with links to videos). These replace the on-campus

The students are shell-shocked, so my recommendation is be patient with 
them, reduce your expectations - things will not be the same, and just 
do what you can't. Don't worry that things will not be perfect. Don't 
edit videos (it's a waste of your time).

And remember to take care of yourselves,

All the best,


On 3/15/2020 1:25 PM, Peter Riegler wrote:
> Hi,
> face-to-face teaching stopped on Friday at my University up until mid 
> of April. Since I use LON-CAPA to implement Just-in-Time-Teaching I do 
> not feel really challenged by the current situation. Business in 
> LON-CAPA will continue as usual. I will replace class time either 
> screencasts or Adobe Connect sessions. I discussed that on Friday in 
> one of my classes after the the message of university shutdown had 
> arrived. Also to my students my plan seems to be the most reasonable.
> Peter
> Am 15.03.2020 um 18:02 schrieb Lucas, Mark:
>> I’m guessing everyone is in the same boat to some degree or another.
>> Here at Ohio University we have suspended face-to-face classes through
>> the end of the semester and are scrambling to go fully remote.
>> The good thing is that for those of us already using LON-CAPA, the 
>> transition
>> is a little easier, but I know that I personally have a bit of work 
>> to pull together
>> extra resources to help support the students better.
>> I would be curious to hear how people are adapting and perhaps using 
>> in ways they have not before. As well, this would be a great venue 
>> for people
>> who have questions about ways to stretch their use of the system.
>> I know on our end we are scrambling to decide how we will use LON-CAPA
>> for examination with the knowledge that their may need to be some
>> give and take on proctoring in the immediate future.
>> How goes it for everyone else?
>> Mark
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