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Huckleberry, David W dhuckleb at purdue.edu
Fri Feb 21 13:11:22 EST 2020

Scenario: I have a prof that writes a multiple choice exam problem, but the problem is dynamic in several ways, for this example let say that some students see the problem as for a force on "Block 1" while some see it ask for a force on "Block 3"
Then it calculates the answer and foils for each scenario. There are 1600 students that take the exam.

Problem:  When we do a Detailed Problem Analysis, LON-CAPA shows that the 62% that got the question wrong, picked foil2...BUT...we can't tell what foil2 exactly was for them, depending on if they had the Block1 or Block2 scenario.

Question: Is there any way to pull out that data on a per student basis to see what a variable value was for them when they took the problem, to then look at it closer?


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