[LON-CAPA-users] How to mark certain responses to behand-graded? (SOLVED)

Itay itayf at nospammail.net
Sat Dec 12 17:18:11 EST 2020

Hi Stuart,

This is exactly what I was looking for.  Great!

I just realized that I had to turn the page in the manual to see this type of return code and all the others (page 49). My bad.

However, without Stuart's comments I would've probably missed the utility of the SUBMITTED return code because the guide does not expand on LC reactions to the various return codes.
So for future reference : is there another place in which the reactions are described in a comprehensive way?

Stuart and Gene : thank you for your comments.

On Sat, 12 Dec 2020, at 22:29, Raeburn, Stuart via LON-CAPA-users wrote:
> Itay,
> Within the <answer type="loncapa/perl"></answer> section inside the 
> customresponse item you could include
> if  ($submission =~ /^\s*NA\s*$/) {
>     return 'SUBMITTED';        
> }
> The feedback seen by a student who entered NA would then be: "Your 
> submission has been recorded.", unless the problemstatus parameter was 
> set to "No".
> As Course Coordinator submissions of this type will be shown as "u" in 
> the Assessment Chart, and in the Grading Interface for the problem 
> (Content Grades > Manual Grading/View Submissions) for the Submission 
> Status option select "with ungraded submissions" to display students 
> who entered NA.
> Stuart Raeburn
> LON-CAPA Academic Consortium
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> hand-graded?
> Hi
> I am setting up a graphical custom-response problem.
> In most cases, there would a solution to the question being asked, and 
> the student sould respond with a numerical answer.
> However, in rare cases a solution does not exist.
> Avoiding these rare cases  in advance or handling them programmatically 
> would require a lot of effort.
> In contrast, handling them manually would be easy (because this is a 
> graphical problem).
> So I thought to instruct the students, in case they think there is no 
> solution to the problem, to respond with the string 'NA'.  In the 
> customresponse code I would intercept this string and mark the problem 
> for that particular student to be hand-graded.
> Is it possible to do?
> If yes: how?
> Thank you in advance
> Itay
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