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Harding, Gene L glhardin at purdue.edu
Fri Aug 21 14:52:19 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,

I am teaching a project-based course that uses self and peer evaluations as part of the grade for each group assignment. I would like to create a quiz or survey in LON-CAPA to automate this process, at least as much as possible.

When a group turns in an assignment, each team member is required to fill out a form rating him/herself and each of his/her other group members. The combination of these ratings is part of the grade calculation for each student.

The data might look like the following for a group of 3:

                                           How Student 1              How Student 2              How Student 3          Combined Ratings
                                           Rated Self & Others     Rated Self & Others     Rated Self & Others
Evals of Student 1                      1                                         1                                        1                                         1
Evals of Student 2                      1                                        1                                        1                                        1
Evals of Student 3                      0.5                                     0                                        1                                        0.5

The first three columns are the ratings given by each student. The last column is calculated (manually by me right now) to create a cumulative rating used in the calculation of each student's grade.

I would like to create a quiz/survey in LON-CAPA to capture each student's ratings. Ideally, I would also like LON-CAPA to calculate the combined ratings so I could just download a column of numbers to plug into my grading spreadsheet. I don't know if the latter is even possible since it would require accessing multiple students' quizzes to do each calculation.

The only way I can think of to do the quiz/survey is to use a <customresponse> and return the rating of each student as the ASSIGNED_SCORE value. I could download the grades in Scores Per Problem format and plug them into a worksheet in my grading spreadsheet, where it could do the combined rating calculations. That worksheet in the spreadsheet, however, would get pretty large since one column would be needed per student per assignment (plus one column for the combined ratings).

If LON-CAPA could also do the combined ratings calculations, that would be even better, but would required pulling data from multiple quizzes for each student's combined rating.

Is there a provision/capability in LON-CAPA that can do this task more easily? Has anyone done something like this in LON-CAPA before, and maybe knows a better way to do it than what I am thinking?

Any advice/feedback would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET

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