[LON-CAPA-users] Greek Characters in Formula Response

Harding, Gene L glhardin at purdue.edu
Fri Apr 17 21:33:19 EDT 2020


Does anyone know how to do Greek characters in a formularesponse? Someone shared a response from Stefan Droeschler several years ago, but I cannot get it to work:

<script type="loncapa/perl">

<startouttext /> <p><m>$\omega + \alpha t$</m></p> <endouttext />

<formularesponse answer="$answer">
<textline size="25" addchars="α,ω"/>


Is a cut and paste from MS Word OK for putting the Greek characters into the script and addchars statement? If not, how can I do that? Once that is done, how do you enter the Greek characters into the formularesponse textline field?

Best regards,

Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET
Purdue University

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