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SIMIN, GRIGORY SIMIN at engr.sc.edu
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Hon-Kie, Mark and all,
Before the quarantine, I used the Respondus Lockdown browser built-into the university Blackboard in combination with LON-CAPA.
It worked quite well to prevent cheating.
Students first log-on to BB test using lockdown browser. This browser won't let them to access any website or software except those I whitelisted.
They also have to be in the class room because in order to open the test they need a password that I write on the class room whiteboard in the beginning of the test.
They cannot use GMAIL, or Google or anything else to get help. They cannot send the problem to solve to some paid online tutors.
The BB test is not an actual test but just a gateway to LON-CAPA. It only contains the password to unlock LON-CAPA slot for proctored test.
The whitelisted websites are Lon-CAPA, MATLAB, Octave and some others, depending on the content.
This combination worked quite well and did not take too much extra time from students to focus on the test itself.

But now, given that students work from home I don't think the above approach or any other tools like that are worth it.
There is no way to stop students from calling someone, or use another computer or tablet to get external help. 
So I decided not to use any tools like that - just LON-CAPA exam in combination with strongly advising students not to cheat.

Any other opinions on that?


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We have opted not to use a proctoring service at this point, though the university did break down and say they’d pay for ProctorTrack usage this semester.

David Huckleberry at Purdue told me that they use Proctor Track on a regular basis at Purdue with LON-CAPA. Students log into Blackboard, are identified by the system and given the password for a slot in LON-CAPA.

Gerd passed along that Examity is used to working with LON-CAPA at MSU.

With out summer classes going online, I may need to look into that more.


> On Apr 6, 2020, at 2:16 PM, H. K. Ng <hkng at fsu.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wondering if any your institution has use HonorLock with LONCAPA? Here at FSU, it works with Canvas only. Or any strategies to prevent/reduce cheating w/ online exam? Some good/best practices?
> Regards,
> -hk
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