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At the individual user level set the Client IP/Name Access Control (acc) parameter to: *
This will allow access for that particular student from any IP address, and will override any acc parameter set at a more general level.  (Instead of * you could also set the parameter to: no).

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Hi All,

We've been using the Client IP Access Control quite nicely for restricting access to some of our exams to a computer-based testing facility. This is set up in the Content Settings. However, we have a student who needs to take an exam in a disability testing facility.  Once selecting this user to modify parameters specific to him, I'm not seeing a way to override the general IP restrictions for the rest of the class for this one user. Is there a strategy for doing that?  Normally of course you would override the general setting by setting a new one at the individual user level. However, in this case, I don't want there to be any setting at the individual user level on Client IP restrictions -- the plan is to use a Slot with a password to be entered at the disability testing facility.  I know that if we were using a slot for the IP restrictions we could then override with a different customized slot for this student, but that is not our case. Is there a way to override an IP restriction set in the content settings?



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