[LON-CAPA-users] "slider" as a question type?

Rex Abert ABERTR at tcc.fl.edu
Mon Jul 1 08:50:30 EDT 2019


I am replying off-list because I one time replied with a URL in the email, and the spam filter now blocks me. :-(

I've done some recent work using Javascript to do similar things.  Your slider is coded with javascript, so you can identify the script to the browswer with
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

Now simply add a variable that you want to store the slider's value in:

var confidenceLevel = slider.value;

You can also set a response in the LC problem that will store the student's response, whose data you should be able to harvest later, though it might be tedious.

In the loncapa problem create a response of some type, probably custom response, so that it can take any value as "correct."

<part id="2">
<customresponse id="100">
    <hiddenline />
        <answer type="loncapa/perl">
           return 'EXACT_ANS';

Using the <hiddenline />, this response will not show up within the problem.

Add a function similar to the following to your javascript:

  function setAnswer(answerIn)
        document.lonhomework.elements["HWVAL_100"].value = answerIn;
      } catch(e) {}

Call the function (I guess it doesn't have to be a separate function; it depends on how often you need to call it.


This will pass the slider value to Lon-Capa as a response, and the student response will then be saved on the server.

I hope this helps!

Rex Abert
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Tallahassee Community College
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Follow up to my previous question.

Using the coding below, I can get a slider to appear in my problem. However, the script is not type="loncapa". I would like to be able to get the slider bar response and save it in a variable that I can use elsewhere in the problem. Also, I would like to be able to store the students' confidence levels for research reasons.


<part id="p3">

<p>How confident are you that your answer is correct? Move the slider bar to the right to indicate high confidence (100) and to the left to indicate low confidence (1).</p>
<input type="range" min="1" max="100" value="50" id="myRange"></input>
<p>Your confidence is <span id="x"></span></p>

var slider = document.getElementById("myRange");
var output = document.getElementById("x");
output.innerHTML = slider.value;

slider.oninput = function() {
  output.innerHTML = this.value;

On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 2:32 PM Sally S Hunnicutt <sshunnic at vcu.edu<mailto:sshunnic at vcu.edu>> wrote:

Has anyone developed a slider question as a type of question? For example, I would like to ask students to give their confidence, using a slider bar, that the question they have answered is the correct answer.

Sally Hunnicutt

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