[LON-CAPA-users] Video Viewing Problem

Huckleberry, David W dhuckleb at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 28 17:58:32 EDT 2019

Hello Gene,
Don't forget, you still have allies here at Purdue that can help you, until ITaP gets another person up to speed.

The optimal method to use videos in LON-CAPA at Purdue is to do so in coordination with Kaltura Mediaspace.  
Direct upload of videos is extremely problematic depending on a variety of browser factors. It works fine for many (most) but not everyone.

The method I use, takes advantage of our unlimited storage space in Kaltura (LC has limits) and uses the power of Kaltura to render the video on whatever device the user has. The final advantage is that Kaltura can generate a mechanical captioning that keeps you compliant, since every video used in an academic course is required by federal law to be closed captioned.

If you (or anyone) need more help. You can holler at me and I can walk you through it. It is tried and true in Math courses and has been used for 8 semesters now by about 5000 students a semester and works flawlessly.

The basic steps
1) Put the video into Kaltura Mediaspace
2) In Mediaspace, Click EMBED and copy the iFrame code
3) In an blank LON-CAPA HTML page, paste the iFrame code.
4) Save, Publish, Import to Course
5) Watch it work wonderfully and buy Dave a beverage at the next conference 😊


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