[LON-CAPA-users] Math formulas are messy in MC choices

Seema Ali sali at vsb.bc.ca
Sun Mar 4 16:03:49 EST 2018

I have a question that has an image (of a graph) and multiple-choice options that contain Math equations to represent the graph. The equations are displaying really poorly in the Tex print out. Issues were:

- it would do a word wrap of each option so I entered {} around the equation to prevent it from breaking the equation into more than 1 line.

- It places the Math equation on a different line than the option A, B, C, .... So it looks strange.

- It looks like it is not taking advantage of the full space of the page (1 column mode)

I would like the Math equation to be on the same line as the option (A,B,C,...)  , not have an automatic word wrap and be able to have it look good in either horizontal mode or vertical mode.

Below you can see that I didn't place the curly brackets around the first option and how it automatically breaks the line, even though there is space on the line .

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Below is the problem.

    <img src="images/flag_num_x_cost_graph.png" TeXwidth="90" encrypturl="yes" />

<startouttext />
<br />What is the equation for the relation shown above?
<endouttext />

<radiobuttonresponse direction="horizontal" max="5" id="11" randomize="yes">
        <foil location="random" value="true" name="foil1">
            <startouttext /><m eval='on'>$\Large C = \frac{1}{2} N + 400\ \ \ $</m><endouttext />
        <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil2">
            <startouttext /><m>$\Large {C = N + 400}\ \ \ $</m><endouttext />
        <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil3">
            <startouttext /><m>$\Large {C = \frac{1}{2} N}\ \ \ $</m><endouttext />
        <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil4">
            <startouttext /><m>$\Large {C = \frac{9}{10} N}\ \ \ $</m><endouttext />
        <foil location="random" value="false" name="foil5">
            <startouttext /><m>$\Large {C = \frac{9}{10} N + 400}\ \ \ $</m><endouttext />
<foil location="random" value="false" name="foil6">
<startouttext />
<m>$\Large {C = 2N + 400}\ \ \ $</m>
<endouttext />
<allow src="/res/sfu/sd39author/junior math/images/flag_num_x_cost_graph.png" />

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