[LON-CAPA-users] teacher-assigned vs. student-selected slots: can they be mutually exclusive

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Jun 27 11:09:07 EDT 2018


A correction to my previous e-mail to this thread:

Even if a "Period of time when this slot can only be uniquely chosen"  
is set for a student-schedulable slot, a student will still be able to  
reserve that (new) slot, if they already have another slot reserved in  
two cases:

(a) the existing slot does *not* have "Period of time when this slot  
can only be uniquely chosen" set.


(b) a unique period is set but it either ends before the start time of  
the new slot, or starts after the end time of the (new) slot.

So, in order to prevent a student reserving a slot in addition to the  
teacher-assigned slot, you need to set an appropriate "Period of time  
when this slot can only be uniquely chosen" for the teacher-assigned  

Unfortunately, the originally implementation of slots (in 2005) did  
not anticipate this, so the slot helper used by a Course Coordinator  
to create or edit a slot does not allow an exclusion period to be  
assigned to an instructor-assigned slot.

As it turns out, you can use the "Upload Slot List" button to upload a  
csv file containing a slot definition for a slot with type:  
"preassigned", and also an exclusion range (e.g., "6/27/2018  
00:00,6/28/2018 06:00"), but if you subsequently edit the slot  
settings using the slot helper the exclusion range will not be  

Anyway I have implemented the following changes:

(a) Slot helper allows exclusion date range to be set for preassigned  
slot type.
(b) A preassigned slot with an exclusion range will now prevent a  
student scheduling another slot.

Those changes will be in 2.12, but if you would like to patch your  
current 2.11.2 installation, see bug 5915 (  
bugs.loncapa.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5915#c1 ) for details.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

> Doug,
>> ... There does not seem to be
>> any way to prevent a student in a teacher-assigned slot from also  
>> selecting a student-selected slot. Am I missing something?
> For each of the student-schedulable slots, set the start and end  
> dates in the "Period of time when this slot can only be uniquely  
> chosen" settings to bracket both the time period when the  
> instructor-assigned slot is open, and also the time the  
> student-schedulable slot is open.
> In that case a student will thereafter not be able to make a  
> reservation for the student-schedulable slot for that resource (as  
> the instructor-assigned one will already be in place). If a student  
> tries to make a reservation a message: "Already have a reservation"  
> will be displayed.
> Note:
> If a student has already made a reservation for the  
> student-schedulable slot before the instructor-assigned slot is  
> assigned to the resource, the instructor must remove the reservation

> for Settings > Slots for the particular slot (click "Edit" for  
> particular slot, and use "Remove" in the "Scheduled Students"  
> column). Setting the "Slots of availability [Part: 0] (available)"  
> does not currently automatically remove any prior student-selected  
> slots for the same resource.
> If you prefer not to set "Period of time when this slot can only be  
> uniquely chosen" for the student-schedulable slot you could also use
> the "Restrict slot availability" settings for the slot to restrict  
> use to particular users.
> Currently, you can only indicate which users should be included, so  
> you must check checkboxes for all students who are permitted to use
> particular slot (there is no allow all except ...).
> As an alternative, you could create a group of users, and then not  
> assign membership for the users who should not be able to reserve.   
> In the "Restrict slot availability" settings for the slot, the list  
> checkboxes below "Select sections to limit slot availability to"  
> includes both sections and groups. You would check the checkbox for  
> the group you created.
> Note: when you change group memberships for a user, if the user is  
> currently logged in, he/she must click "Check for changes" on the  
> Courses/Roles screen for the group change to be in effect in the  
> user's session.
> Stuart Raeburn
> LON-CAPA Academic Consortium
> Quoting "Mills, Douglas G" <dmills at illinois.edu>:
>> HI All,
>> I understand the rationale for being able to limit students to  
>> selecting only one student-selectable slot within a given timeframe

>> as well as the fact that that is not needed in the case of  
>> teacher-assigned slots. However, we have a use case where most of
> the
>> students are using student-selected slots (and can only choose one
> of
>> a couple of options) but SOME students -- ones taking conflict
>> or who require special accommodations are being assigned into
teacher-assigned slots for the same exam.  There does not seem to be
>> any way to prevent a student in a teacher-assigned slot from also
selecting a student-selected slot. Am I missing something?  I guess in
the case of a timed exam, IF a student who requires special
accommodations  or a conflict exam signed up for a regular slot and we
didn't catch it and then somehow got a sneak preview before their
>> special slot time, they would have run down their available time to
do the exam anyway. Still, it would be nice to be able to prevent such
things from occurring as honest or confused mistakes.  Is that
possible?  OR would you recommend handling this a different way? 
>> Doug
>> Douglas Mills
>> Director of Instructional Technology
>> Department of Chemistry
>> University of Illinois
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