[LON-CAPA-users] Geogebra Vector Plot Problem

Harding, Gene L glhardin at purdue.edu
Sat Jan 27 18:53:51 EST 2018


Does anyone who knows how to use Geogebra within LON-CAPA know how to do this?

I am trying to make a functionplotresponse question that requires students to draw a vector pointing straight up from and attached to the x-axis, but without drawing an explicit attachment point on the axis.

If I use this approach it works, but the vector tail attaching point is plotted and visible:
<plotobject label="F1a_tail" x="6" y="0" />
<plotvector label="F1a" tailx="7" taily="1" tipx="8" tipy="1" />

    <functionplotvectorrule index="Harmonic_1a" vector="F1a" angle="90" angleerror="2" tailpoint="F1a_tail" length="11" lengtherror="0.5" />
</functionplotruleset> on the graph:

Here is the result:
[cid:image005.jpg at 01D397A0.2AA69C80]

If I change "F1a_tail" in the above code to "(6,0)" it does not work:
[cid:image006.jpg at 01D397A0.2AA69C80]

Is there a way I can specify a tail attachment point without showing it on the graph?


Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET

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