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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 2 11:12:20 EST 2018

Are you looking at things like which web browsers this is occurring in?  I think it's a long shot but may be worth taking note of at least. We have seen unique display issues from time to time in specific situations with specific versions of specific browsers....  NOT at the folder level but inside a multipart problem and some years ago now.

We have also seen from time to time one of our access nodes behave differently than the others -- usually for a brief period of time,  but one semester we had one course where one of our access nodes refused to show any of the content as available. For the whole semester. The students in that course learned that if they hit access4 they would manually enter another access node URL in order to access content in that one course.  If you have multiple nodes you might also pay attention to whether or not this seems to happen on one particular node.


Douglas Mills
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Thanks for the suggestion, Justin! I don’t believe that’s it, though. I’m attaching screenshots of the differences. It’s at the folder level.
Any more ideas, please share and we’ll try them! We’re stumped.

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LON-CAPA gives students a few options for sorting their contents:
·         Default
·         Title
·         Due Date
·         Has New Discussion
Have you verified that the affected students have used the default sorting?


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On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 7:00 AM, Young, Joyce E <young257 at purdue.edu<mailto:young257 at purdue.edu>> wrote:
                We are having an issue where the Course Coordinator of a course sets up the order of contents in a folder in the order she wishes the students to access them. She has noticed that in the student’s view, the order doesn’t always appear in that sequence, however.
                I’ve searched the Content Settings and there are no special settings. I can’t recreate the issue by enrolling myself as a student. The order appears correct for me. But she has provided a screenshot of a student’s screen, where the 7 folders within the main folder appear in a different order. She has noticed this different view for 2 unique students. She has seen the different order appear for the student on more than one device. She also witnessed this happening last term.
                Not a huge deal, but annoying for the instructor who is trying to manage the order in which her student’s proceed through the course.
                Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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