[LON-CAPA-users] checking for SHOW_ANSWER status in a Sequence Conditional?

Raeburn, Stuart raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Dec 11 18:06:29 EST 2018


Use conditions of the following type (for each link between resources in your conditional sequence)

((&EXT('resource.0.answerdate','alias') > 0) && 
(&EXT('system.time') > &EXT('resource.0.answerdate','alias')))

with "Blocking this link if false" checked, where alias is the appropriate mapalias for each problem for which the answerdate should be checked.

If you already have an existing condition for each link of type: "Blocking this link if false", you could use ||  (i.e. OR) between the two conditions, such that the link will be unblocked if either the existing condition, or this new one, (based on answerdate), evaluates to true.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

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Subject: [LON-CAPA-users] checking for SHOW_ANSWER status in a Sequence Conditional?

Hi All,

I know that within a problem you can use $external::datestatus to check for "SHOW_ANSWER" status. Is there any way to do this within a conditional in a sequence?  I'm thinking there must be a way to allow students who did not complete a conditional sequence to see all the parts of the sequence once answers become available but I'm not finding a way to embed $external::datestatus successfully into the conditional in a sequence and I'm not seeing another way to check for that. Guidance as always appreciated!


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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