[LON-CAPA-users] Interaction between jsMath or LaTeX and randomized multiple choice answers??

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Wed Oct 18 14:00:51 EDT 2017

HI All,

Below is code for a problem that is acting quite strangely.  If you put this into your authoring space and hit new randomization a few times, you'll see that in some instances the LaTeX doesn't display at all for any of the answers. I added the "1:" etc. at the front of each one to try to get a handle on what was happening. I'm seeing that in some combinations of four, such as 6532, 3265, 6432, 4365 and 3625 (and some others), the LaTeX does not show.  Noticing that several of the combinations involved 2,3,5 and 6, I removed options 1 and 4 and left the rest of the code as is.  Under those conditions, even the combinations that do not appear when there are 6 options to choose from (6532 for example) DOES appear when there are only 4 options to be chosen from.  This leads me to suspect that there is some type of interaction going on between the LaTeX and the choosing of 4 out of 6 options in the problem below.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious?  All help appreciated!


Which of the following are variations of the ideal gas law?
<optionresponse id="14" randomize="yes" max="4">
    <foilgroup checkboxoptions="nochoice" options="('True','False')" checkboxvalue="True">

        <foil value="True" name="Foil1">
            <startouttext />1: <m display="jsMath">$V = \frac{nRT}{P}$</m><br/><endouttext />
        <foil name="Foil2" value="True">
            <startouttext />2: <m display="jsMath">$P = \frac{nRT}{V}$</m><br/><endouttext />
         <foil value="True" name="Foil3">
            <startouttext />3: <m display="jsMath">$n = \frac{PV}{RT}$</m><br/><endouttext />
       <foil value="True" name="Foil4">
            <startouttext />4: <m display="jsMath">$T = \frac{PV}{nR}$</m><br/><endouttext />
        <foil value="True" name="Foil5">
            <startouttext />5: <m display="jsMath">$R = \frac{PV}{nT}$</m><br/><endouttext />
        <foil name="Foil6" value="True">
            <startouttext />6: <m display="jsMath">$PV = nRT$</m><br/><endouttext />




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