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Huckleberry, David W dhuckleb at purdue.edu
Tue Jun 20 13:02:43 EDT 2017

I have a professor looking to move to LON-CAPA for her IE 230 course in the fall. She has 2 grad students getting ready to start coding problems, but I thought I'd take a shot at tossing out a feeler for domains using this type of content already. Here is how she described her course.

"The best way to describe the course to people who teach probability and statistics is that we cover the first half of Montgomery and Runger. This is a fairly common / well-known text. It is introductory probability for engineers with calculus. (Calc 3 is a co-requisite for the course.)

The short list of topics is:

- Review of sets

- Sample spaces and events

- Event probabilities and the three Axioms of Probability

- Conditional probability and independence, including the Law of Total Probability and Bayes Rule

- Intro to random variables (r.v.'s)

- pmf / cdf / mean / variance for discrete r.v.'s

- Common discrete distributions: Bernoulli, binomial, geometric, negative binomial, hypergeometric

- pdf / cdf / mean / variance for continuous r.v.'s

- Common continuous distributions: uniform, triangular, normal, exponential, gamma, intro to Poisson Processes

- Bivariate discrete and continuous r.v.'s

- Bivariate distributions and independence / expected values / marginal / covariance / correlation

- Bivariate normal distributions

- Distributions for more than 2 r.v.'s

- Estimation: mean, variance, difference of means, bias, standard error, SLLN, CLT, Maximum Likelihood functions and estimators"

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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