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Hi Jacob,

I was using a functionplotresponse because that is the only way I know to call Geogebra. (Pardon my ignorance; I'm very new to this.) Is there a way to mix a functionplotresponse with a customresponse, or is there a way to implement the Geogebra functions without using a customplotresponse?


Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET
Purdue University-South Bend

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Hi Gene,

Yes, there is a way to do partial credit.  If you are already using a customresponse to grade the GeoGebra problems, then it won't be too difficult.  To assign partial credit, you need some kind of counter in your answer algorithm to determine how many the student got correct, then just do

return ('ASSIGNED_SCORE', $correct/$total);

There is an example problem for partial credit, in the templates it is under Free Form Problems and is called Custom Response with Partial Credit.

If you want students to be given multiple attempts, you need insert a "Parameters for a part" with this information:

<parameter name="retrypartial" type="string_yesno" description="Partially correct is answerable" default="yes" />

Finally, if you do give them multiple attempts, you shouldn't do `return 'INCORRECT';` as in the example problem, because this will not overwrite their score with a 0.  So if they got one right, then moved it, and you did `return 'INCORRECT';`, they would still have a score of 0.166666667.  Instead, the algorithm needs to assign a score of 0, which would be taken care of by the above since `$correct` would be 0.


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Sorry for another post, but the problems I have been constructing in recent weeks use areas that are new to me, such as gnuplot and Geogebra. I keep getting close, but not quite finishing some of the new problems.

Right now I am building a quiz question that requires students to place six vectors on a single set of axes. I have figured out how to place the initial vectors for them to move into place, then separately evaluate the correctness of each vector. Is there a way to assign 1/6 of the grade for each vector, so if a student places some of them correctly but some incorrectly, they get partial credit on the problem instead of all/none? I thought I might be able to do this with some pre- or post-processing of the answer(s), but the standard LON-CAPA examples I have found have no comments in the code, and I have not been able to figure them out (if that is even the right approach...).

Best regards,

Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET
Purdue University-South Bend

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