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raeburn at msu.edu raeburn at msu.edu
Mon Feb 20 19:44:55 EST 2017


The LON-CAPA port on the LON-CAPA library server at fsu is currently  
blocked to inbound requests from other nodes in the LON-CAPA network  
(including msu and educog), which means that browsing of /res/fsu is  

In addition, if fsu content in use in a course has not previously been  
replicated to a server hosting a user's session, subscription to the  
resource (and replication) will fail, and the user will not be able to  
access the content.

This may be an instance of an institution making a change to firewall  
settings for their network border, which results in blocking inbound  
requests to the standard LON-CAPA port.  If that is the case IT  
Services at Florida State would need to agree to grant an exception   
to allow access to the standard LON-CAPA port from other LON-CAPA nodes.

The other possibility is that iptables was restarted on the server,  
and neither /home/httpd/perl/loncron has been run (as user www) nor  
loncontrol has been restarted.  In that case iptables settings on the  
server's OS would be the reason why access to the standard LON-CAPA  
port is being blocked from remote LON-CAPA nodes.

However, this second possibility seems less likely, as it would also  
have blocked communication between LON-CAPA access servers at fsu and  
the library server, which would have immediately impacted LON-CAPA  
users at Florida State.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting "Mueller, James A." <mueller at pitt.edu>:

> I can’t browse to any resources under /res/fsu.  H.K says their  
> servers are up, but I can’t get there.  Some of my students are also  
> complaining that they can’t access a couple of problems (due  
> Wednesday).  Any ideas?
> -Jim
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