[LON-CAPA-users] Best Practices for Pre-class videos in LON-CAPA?

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Wed Dec 6 13:56:26 EST 2017

Hi Mark,

We are now using Kaltura at Illinois as our media-hosting solution.  Kaltura tracks views and view time for us.  When things are working correctly, single sign-on allows students to access videos embedded in Lon-Capa pages or follow links to Kaltura videos without a second sign-on. We have not tried to limit access to subsequent questions based on whether or not a video has been viewed. In one course we now provide an index of videos which are embedded into Lon-Capa problems that have no questions, enabling the use of the discussion board for students to ask questions about that video (for some reason it was not possible to just create a Lon-Capa discussion and add the video to that, but I forget the issues with that approach now. This works fine using a style sheet that hides all indications it is a Lon-Capa problem -- just appears to be a video with a discussion board beneath it).



Douglas Mills

Director of Instructional Technology

Department of Chemistry

University of Illinois


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    I am curious if anyone has thought about best practices for inclusion of
    pre-class and supporting content videos in LON-CAPA and whether they
    would be willing to share their experience.
    You can obviously simply include a video as a resource or tied in through
    an html page.
    Has anyone looked into building a more elaborate structure that includes
    blocking access to follow-up questions until content has been viewed,
    tracking viewing time or anything of that nature?
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