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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Fri Oct 21 16:55:03 EDT 2016

HI All,

We have a quiz made up of imports of library questions.  One of the library questions itself though was a multipart question and I believe that to avoid error messages, the <part> tags were then omitted for that import in the quiz itself.  This seems to work fine… UNTIL it comes down to looking at the student grades. Although when you look at a student’s assessment you see the three parts of the multipart library question that was imported, including the student’s answers and evaluation of their answers, when you look at the correct answers for the problem or the student submissions at the bottom of that screen, the three parts that were imported do not show. Likewise, if you go to manually grade the student those three parts do not appear.  Essentially it appears that the only way to know how students did on the three parts of this question will be to look at every one of their quizzes manually and record the results.

Besides the now obvious fact that we probably are not supposed to have multipart library problems (or else we did that wrong), is there a way to access the results of the student’s submissions on these that does not involve viewing each and every student’s quizzes?  The course has 600+ students and each and every one of them had access to 3 separate attempts on the quiz (arranged in a sequence with declining possible values)…

Thank you,


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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