[LON-CAPA-users] Access to Resource Discussions after Answer Accepted?

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Fri Nov 4 18:01:18 EDT 2016


The discussend parameter (which expects a date/time) can be used to  
permit a student to post to a discussion board attached to a resource  
regardless of the  resource's status (e.g., "SHOW_ANSWER") for that  

If you set discussend to a date in the future, then students will be  
able to continue to post to the discussion until the discussend date  
is reached.

In the case where discussend has not been set, discussion posts cannot  
be made if a student's status for the problem is other than  

If a student has answered a problem correctly, then prior to the  
answer date the resource's status for that item will be CANNOT_ANSWER,  
if the problemstatus parameter is not explicitly set (or is set to the  
default -- "yes"), so discussion posting will be allowed.

However, if problemstatus is set to "Yes, and show correct answer if  
they exceed the maximum number of tries.", then once the student has  
answered correctly, then the status becomes "SHOW_ANSWER", and posting  
by that student to the contextual discussion board is not permitted.

There is another parameter -- discusshide -- which controls whether or  
not existing posts are displayed in the case where the current user  
may not post new discussion.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

> Hi All,
> We are surmising that once a student has submitted a correct answer to
> a problem that for them the discussion connected to that resource is
> closed(?)  Is that correct? If so, is that modifiable somewhere?  I'm
> not seeing it if so.  Thank you!
> Doug
> Douglas Mills
> Director of Instructional Technology
> Department of Chemistry
> University of Illinois

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