[LON-CAPA-users] Using GeoGebra with their new export interface

Jacob Bond bond13 at purdue.edu
Wed Mar 2 02:54:11 EST 2016

I am trying to embed a GeoGebra app in a problem and I have watched the LON-CAPA tutorial videos on doing this.  Unfortunately, GeoGebra has changed their export interface and the only option for exporting a webpage is to upload to GeoGebra Tube.  The download option downloads all of the java files along with the webpage.  Under the embed option, the mediawiki choice seems to give all of the data that is used in the videos, but even after reorganizing it according to how it is in the video, it doesn't seem to work.  Here is a toy app that I was trying to embed in a problem:


Thank you,

Jacob Bond
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