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Gerd Kortemeyer kortemey at msu.edu
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It works very well if Unicode is used.

There is even an (by now somewhat outdated) Japanese interface. If somebody were to update the language file, you could have it run completely in Japanese.

- Gerd.

> On Sep 19, 2015, at 8:49 PM, Seema Ali <sali at vsb.bc.ca> wrote:
> A Japanese instructor is interested in using Lon-Capa with her classes. Is Lon-Capa compatible with Japanese? Can it show the characters as the students type them in a textbox like with the nice Math display?
> Personally I don't know anything about Japanese and how to display it in LonCapa. If someone has a basic fill in the blank Japanese question out there that I could take a look at that may be helpful.
> Thanks.
> From Seema
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