[LON-CAPA-users] Question about printing a table with an image in it

Uma Ravat ravat1 at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 10 21:55:50 EDT 2015


I'm trying to print a table with an image next to it. .

I used <web></web> and <tex></tex> to format the tables for web and pdf
print out. The web version looks good, but the pdf(latex) version does not
compile and throws an error that the .pnf file is not found.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

If I take the image out of the <tex> tag and use <img TeXwrap="parpic"  >
the pdf prints fine, but then the picture is below the table rather than
next to the table.



{\bf names} & {\bf \% Area} & {\bf Height} \\
  0--$w1[$v1]       &   $area1[$v1]            &    Box 1          \\
  $w1[$v1]--$w2[$v1]          &    $area2[$v1]           &    Box
2          \\
  $w2[$v1]--$w3[$v1]          &    $area3[$v1]           &     Box
3         \\
  $w3[$v1]--$w4[$v1]          &     $area4[$v1]          &      Box
4        \\
  $w4[$v1]--28          &           $area5[$v1]    &      Box 5       \\
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