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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Tue Nov 24 14:35:08 EST 2015

Hi All,

For our lab courses we do a huge amount of date setting to control when labs become available, based on when students are actually in the labs, as well as due dates and answer dates for prelabs and postlabs.  These are section-based and with 70-some sections in one of these courses in the Fall semesters, we're always looking for a way to streamline how we're doing this. I'm hoping I'm wrong but assuming that copying this semester's course over for next semester and moving all of the dates in the course back 147 days will NOT do anything for the section-specific opening/closing/answer dates because in the new course site there will be no students to start with and at least if you want to set those dates manually you cannot do so until the section has students enrolled in it.  Am I right in that assumption or will I be very pleasantly surprised?  Any suggestions on how to work around that or other completely different approaches?

I realize that with this approach, the differences in the calendar of each semester (Fall break does not correspond to Spring Break in terms of where it falls in the semestser) means that this will only work for 6 weeks, but if I could automate date-setting for 6 weeks of the semester, that would save me hours of time right there.

Thanks as always,


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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