[LON-CAPA-users] Illegal division by zero

Bob Gonzales rgonzal at binghamton.edu
Fri May 29 16:37:18 EDT 2015

- The servers are all in the binghamton domain:
loncapa3.chem.binghamton.edu, loncapa5,chem.binghamton.edu,
loncapa7.chem.binghamton.edu.  The machines are not identical machines.  I
believe they are 7, 5, 2 years old respectively.  They all have 8 GB or
better of memory.  They are all Xenons with multiple cores.  They are all
running Centos 5.11 and Loncapa  2.10.1.

- This is occurred for 3 students, 2 other students have gotten it
correct.  Many others haven't tried it yet.

- We've used this problem before and haven't gotten bombs before.  But, of
course, there have been many Centos updates applied since we used it last

- Setting all the variables in partA would take care of it but I've always
done it this way to cut down on the scrolling up and down when
creating/editing problems.

- Clicking 'Script Vars' while viewing the message does show the variable
with a value.

- I set a useless variable in the first part and changed it's value in the
second part per Damien's suggestion,  we will see what happens.

Thanks for all the feedback.  I will keep you posted.

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