[LON-CAPA-users] Difficulty getting survey results

Todd Ruskell todd.ruskell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 16:25:03 EDT 2015

I may have out-smarted myself here.

I created a mid-semester survey instrument.  In the course parameters, the
type is set to "surveycred"

The first part asks for the student's section (because students sometimes
change sections "unofficially")

Then, based on the response to the above <part>, I have conditional blocks,
so that the students only get asked about TAs in their sections.

In each <block> is one and only one <part> that contains a
<radiobuttonresponse> for each TA, followed by a <essayresponse> for
students to enter comments.  So there are several responses for each part.
Each <part> and <response> have unique ids.

The problem is that the survey tool is not reporting *anything* about the
individual TA <radiobuttonresponse> questions.  But it does report back the
<essayresponse> entries.  When I look at an individual student through the
grading interface, I can see all the responses to each

So, is there a clean way to easily extract the results of each
<radiobuttonresponse>?  I really don't want to have to extract individual
responses by hand, or even write a script, if I don't have to.

In retrospect, it appears I should have done this exercise differently?  If
so, how?  Would simply putting each <response> in its own <part> have done
the trick?  The only reason I didn't do this was that I didn't want
students to have to hit "submit" so often.

I can send on actual code if that would help.

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