[LON-CAPA-users] pdf reader for firefox on mac

Damien Guillaume damieng at msu.edu
Fri Jun 26 09:34:57 EDT 2015

> I am finding that when pdf files are uploaded to a course sequence in LON-CAPA, that currently I cannot download and open that file with my firefox browser, on my MAC.
> I CAN do so with Chrome, or Safari, but I have not been able to configure firefox on my MAC to do the same. The default reader in firefox is suppose to be enabled by default, but I don't seem to get it.
> The only option I seem to have in firefox is to "save the link as", which as saved, cannot be opened, because the file saved has a bunch of html in it and is not recognized by any pdf reader.
> At the moment I am forced to simply not use firefox on the mac, when I want to open such pdf links.
> Has anyone else had and resolved this issue?

Did you take a look at that HTML ? You could do that by saving the file 
with a .html extension and opening it in a browser. Maybe it is a web 
page saying that you do not have access to that file. If it is the case, 
that could be caused by Firefox (or whatever PDF viewer you are using) 
not sending the session cookie, or some other problem with the session.

If you actually download a PDF, you should know that there are different 
versions of PDF, many PDF viewers do not support the latest versions 
(which is probably a good thing given the security issues in the latest 
versions), and Firefox has a very limited built-in support for PDF. But 
from your description I have the feeling this is not the problem.


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