[LON-CAPA-users] pdf reader for firefox on mac

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Thu Jun 25 20:05:28 EDT 2015

I am finding that when pdf files are uploaded to a course sequence in LON-CAPA, that currently I cannot download and open that file with my firefox browser, on my MAC. 
I CAN do so with Chrome, or Safari, but I have not been able to configure firefox on my MAC to do the same. The default reader in firefox is suppose to be enabled by default, but I don't seem to get it. 
The only option I seem to have in firefox is to "save the link as", which as saved, cannot be opened, because the file saved has a bunch of html in it and is not recognized by any pdf reader. 
At the moment I am forced to simply not use firefox on the mac, when I want to open such pdf links. 

Has anyone else had and resolved this issue? 


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