[LON-CAPA-users] "Everything" looks to be rendered with bigger font size lon_capa_2_11_1-2015053018

Christian Knieling knieling at kit.edu
Fri Jun 12 05:11:46 EDT 2015


I assume you're speaking of mimeTeX-rendered displays. Since LC 2.11.0
the fontsize increased. You can look into this file


for the corresponding lines following

  /*#define NORMALSIZE  (2)*/
  #define NORMALSIZE    (3)
  define NORMALSIZE       (4)

You can just comment out "define NORMALSIZE       (4)" with an hash (#),
then "NORMALSIZE (3)" will be 'defaulted'.

Then you've just to recompile mimetex.cgi and replace the original
binary under /home/httpd/cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi with this one of yours.

At the moment I'm not sure, but in consequence of this actions there
could be daily mail information about changed files.


> Hi,
> We upgraded to lon capa 2.11.1 a few days ago.  One thing I noticed
> immediately is that all our questions are being rendered on screen in a
> bigger font size than what we had seen previously.  See the following two
> screen captures of the same question for comparison:
> (1) Running Lon Capa Version 2.10.0:
> math.usask.ca/placement/screen_shot_sample_question_lon_capa_2_10_0-2011060317_on_RH5_firefox_38.0.5.bmp
> (2) Running Lon Capa Version 2.11.1:
> math.usask.ca/placement/
> screen_shot_sample_question_lon_capa_2_11_1-2015053018_on_RH5_firefox_38.0.5.bmp
>    Both are opened using Firefox version 38.0.5 (with zoom set to 100%).
> If I do "CTRL -" 3 times in Firefox on the second image, the zoomed out
> image would be close to the original size depicted by (1).  I repeated with
> Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera with similar results.  Every question
> appears to be rendered in a bigger font.
>    Did some default font size get changed?  Is there something I can do to
> get back the look of (1) without zooming out?
> Thanks,
> Amos Lee
> Math & Stats
> Univ of Sask
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