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Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Mon Jun 1 13:16:38 EDT 2015

Hi All, 
I'm having a little difficulty in recalling or finding how to properly generate a table like the following... 

\multirow{2}{*}{Expt.}&\multicolumn{3}{c}\ Concentration (mol$\cdot $L$^{-1}$) \ &Initial Rate\\ 
&[CO$_2$]$_0$&[F$^-$]$_0$&[Mn$_2$F$_2$]$_0$&(Mol$\cdot $L$^{-1}\cdot $min$^{-1}$)\\ \hline 
1&0.2&0.4&0.4&0.128\\ \hline 
2&0.2& 0.4&0.1&0.008\\ \hline 

The above works 'fine', except that there are no cell borders immediately below or to the immediate right of the ''cell" created by \multicolumn{3}{c}\ Concentration (mol$\cdot $L$^{-1}$) \ 

Not sure what I need to add to this LaTeX to make those particular borders appear in LON-CAPA. 

I'd send a screenshot if this list allowed it. 


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