[LON-CAPA-users] Exams with Slot Controls

Corey Musolff musolffc at msu.edu
Wed Jul 1 13:14:43 EDT 2015

Hi David,

there were still about 10-15 students in each class that had issues
> accessing problems.

What sort of issues did they have?  Were they internet connection issues or
were they related to LON-CAPA?

This is our second Summer of running online proctored exams with several
hundred students and its going rather smoothly.  There are occasionally
connection or hardware problems on the student's end but I don't think
LON-CAPA has been at fault yet.

If a student does lose their connection and needs to reset their exam timer
the course coordinator can reset it as follows:

   1. Go to "Settings -> Content Settings"
   2. Click "Reset Student Access Times" from the "Content Settings for
   this Course" section.
   3. Select "Reset times on one or more folders/maps, resources or the
   course for a single student." and click "Next".
   4. Select the student whose timer needs to be reset and click "Next".
   5. Select the exam from the list of timed events and click "Next".
   6. Click "Next" again on the following screen.
   7. Click "Save" to confirm.

If the student needs an extension, you'll also have to change their
individual close and answer dates in content settings.

Let me know if you think there's anything else I can help with.

Corey Musolff
MSU, Physics & Astronomy

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> To say our first round of exams was a success, would be a big stretch.
> While the majority of students tested just fine in On-Campus, Testing
> Center and Online proctored sessions, there were still about 10-15 students
> in each class that had issues accessing problems.
> Since it wasn't EVERY student, I don't think it was an overall setup
> issue. But what do we do when a student Validates with the proctor, then
> loses connectivity, and needs their exam reset?
> If you are using exams with slot controls successfully, would you be
> willing to help us out? We want this to succeed, but the frustration of
> using open source software is flying solo on what is going wrong.
> I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer.
> David Huckleberry
> Educational Technologist
> Innovations in Technology and Learning
> ITaP
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