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After this thread, I realize the use of assessment sheets is an excellent
way to put work in categories, and saves a huge amount of work compared to
what I have been doing! For example, if homework is to go in column 'a', an
assessment sheet could be written to put it there automatically by just
creating a 'homework assessment sheet' and setting that assessment sheet to
be used for that item on the student sheet.  Exams or other stuff could go
automatically into column 'b', by creating/using and 'exam assessment
sheet'. The student sheet will total them properly once they are set.

This also eliminates my frustration over the width of the tables because by
using an assessment sheet, the instructor can easily see which category is
assigned to a given resource, and the appropriate column will be used

You have a very good point Doug, that the instructor must remember to 'Save
as default' after selecting the assessment sheets when working on the
student sheet.

Thanks for a good thread.


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Hi All,

Yes!  Thank you Carl and Peter for your help.  Carl, the procedure you
describe below does indeed work. One step you're missing that I picked up
from "Felicia's Notes" (linked below) is after making the change to this
spreadsheet for the selected assignment(s) then at the student spreadsheet
level saving that as the default for the course.

A couple of questions remain for me:

(1) Apart from the view of the grades and of course the ability to implement
more powerful functionalities via specific spreadsheets, are there any
inherent changes that take place if an instructor changes grading from
"Standard" to "Spreadsheet" with all default spreadsheets?
So for example, we're three or four weeks into the semester now. All of our
instructors use Standard grading. If a couple of them wanted to implement
decreasing point values for some assignments coming up, that will require
switching over to Spreadsheet grading. Would grades or points already earned
be changed in anyway with the default spreadsheets in place?

(2) I imported Peter's spreadsheet to my demo course as a starting point and
modified from there.  Is there a way for me to retrieve the spreadsheet from
my course to publish in my authoring space for instructors here to use, or
do I need to create one there and do it manually?  

Thank you as always!


Douglas Mills
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University of Illinois
dmills at illinois.edu
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On 2/10/15, 12:59 PM, "Mills, Douglas G" <dmills at illinois.edu> wrote:

>HI Carl,
>I haven't gotten to try it yet, but now I've come across this resource 
>which I believe matches your hypothesis so yes, I believe you're on the 
>right track. Thank you!
>I will report back when I get a chance to try it and confirm.  Thanks!
>Douglas Mills
>Director of Instructional Technologies
>Department of Chemistry
>University of Illinois
>dmills at illinois.edu
>(217) 244-5739
>On 2/9/15, 9:58 PM, "lira" <lira at egr.msu.edu> wrote:
>>I have not done this at the assessment level, only at the student 
>>level, but I expect it is the same.
>>At the top of the page,  see the box to the right of 'Save' and above 
>>'Save and Make This Sheet the Default'. That is where you save the new 
>>sheet with a new name. If you want every resource to use the same 
>>rules, you can make it the default.  I have only configured the 
>>default sheet at the student level.
>>I am going to speculate here and make a suggestion. Try this:
>>Go to the assessment level, enter the desired formulas and change the 
>>name to something like 'decreasing_score' and click 'Save'.
>>Then, go back to the Student level sheet (Look for the link just above 
>>the assessment table.) Now look at each assessment. There is a 
>>dropdown in the 'Asessment'
>>that specifies which assessment sheet is to be used for that assessment.
>>Please share if it works.
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>>number of attempts
>>Where do I associate an assessment spreadsheet with a given assignment 
>>if I don't want to just use the default assessment spreadsheet for the 
>>course with it? I'm still not seeing how to do that. Thank you!
>>Douglas Mills
>>Director of Instructional Technologies Department of Chemistry 
>>University of Illinois dmills at illinois.edu
>>(217) 244-5739
>>On 2/4/15, 1:47 PM, "Carl Lira" <lira at egr.msu.edu> wrote:
>>>I've used spreadsheets a couple of semesters because of my complicated
>>>point scheme with different weights for written homework, exams,
>>>loncapa exercises, etc. I create a student-level template with the
>>>formulas to use.
>>>They are very powerful.
>>>They work like an excel spreadsheet, so you can program formulas to
>>>calculate the points to assign for a given problem. If you want to give
>>>different points depending on the number of trials, you can find that
>>>information and enter a formula.
>>>For example, a homework problem from a previous course shows this
>>>spreadsheet table (cells are denoted by blanks and this will run over a
>>>couple rows of the e-mail message, but in loncapa it is one wide row):
>>>72		Homework Problem 1. Interpolation
>>>	 correct 	 Tries: 	 2 	 Timestamp: 	 1389119141
>>>TueJan713:25:412014 	 Duedate: 	 1389366000
>>>FriJan1010:00:002014 	 Attempted Parts: 	 1 	 Solved
Parts: 	 1
>>>You can see the number of tries and the solved parts. So to give
>>>partial credit, just create a formula to use in one of the extra
>>>columns provided. I used columns for the different categories of
>>>material, and then you can sum the columns at the top of the sheet. You
>>>can enter formulas to include the weights for the different categories.
>>>You must enter the formula for each resource that you want to treat
>>>this way. I created a screencast to show students how to read the
>>>sheet: https://connect.msu.edu/loncapa-grades/
>>>I encountered a minor bug that occurred when I copied my course from
>>>one semester to the next. Some cells were not completely null in the
>>>copy, and the '&NUM', '&SUBMIN' functions were compromised, but I know
>>>Stuart Raeburn worked on that and I have not tested subsequently. I'm
>>>not using it this semester because I decided to use i>clickers and
>>>transferring loncapa stuff to the MSU d2l system was less work than
>>>importing a lot of i>clicker data into loncapa.
>>>This is a very powerful tool. To make it more useful, it would be good
>>>(minor issue) the header could be static so it was visible when working
>>>in rows far from the header; 2) (major issue) the row numbers and
>>>resource names were visible when working far to the right if in column
>>>z for example;
>>>3) (minor issue) The table columns all lined up. Currently each folder
>>>is a separate table so that there are many tables of different widths
>>>so the columns don't line up through the entire course; 4) They
>>>integrated with
>>>i>clickers used here at MSU.
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>>>Hi All,
>>>Thank you Peter and Mark.  Excuse the basic question on spreadsheets,
>>>but I'm not finding this addressed anywhere. Is there only one
>>>Assessment spreadsheet per course?  ....
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