[LON-CAPA-users] automatically decrease point value with number of attempts

Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 10 13:59:17 EST 2015

HI Carl,

I haven't gotten to try it yet, but now I've come across this resource
which I believe matches your hypothesis so yes, I believe you're on the
right track. Thank you!


I will report back when I get a chance to try it and confirm.  Thanks!


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On 2/9/15, 9:58 PM, "lira" <lira at egr.msu.edu> wrote:

>I have not done this at the assessment level, only at the student level,
>I expect it is the same.
>At the top of the page,  see the box to the right of 'Save' and above
>and Make This Sheet the Default'. That is where you save the new sheet
>a new name. If you want every resource to use the same rules, you can make
>it the default.  I have only configured the default sheet at the student
>I am going to speculate here and make a suggestion. Try this:
>Go to the assessment level, enter the desired formulas and change the name
>to something like 'decreasing_score' and click 'Save'.
>Then, go back to the Student level sheet (Look for the link just above the
>assessment table.)
>Now look at each assessment. There is a dropdown in the 'Asessment' column
>that specifies which assessment sheet is to be used for that assessment.
>Please share if it works.
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>Where do I associate an assessment spreadsheet with a given assignment if
>don't want to just use the default assessment spreadsheet for the course
>with it? I'm still not seeing how to do that. Thank you!
>Douglas Mills
>Director of Instructional Technologies
>Department of Chemistry
>University of Illinois
>dmills at illinois.edu
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>On 2/4/15, 1:47 PM, "Carl Lira" <lira at egr.msu.edu> wrote:
>>I've used spreadsheets a couple of semesters because of my complicated
>>point scheme with different weights for written homework, exams,
>>loncapa exercises, etc. I create a student-level template with the
>>formulas to use.
>>They are very powerful.
>>They work like an excel spreadsheet, so you can program formulas to
>>calculate the points to assign for a given problem. If you want to give
>>different points depending on the number of trials, you can find that
>>information and enter a formula.
>>For example, a homework problem from a previous course shows this
>>spreadsheet table (cells are denoted by blanks and this will run over a
>>couple rows of the e-mail message, but in loncapa it is one wide row):
>>72		Homework Problem 1. Interpolation
>>	 correct 	 Tries: 	 2 	 Timestamp: 	 1389119141
>>TueJan713:25:412014 	 Duedate: 	 1389366000
>>FriJan1010:00:002014 	 Attempted Parts: 	 1 	 Solved Parts: 	 1
>>You can see the number of tries and the solved parts. So to give
>>partial credit, just create a formula to use in one of the extra
>>columns provided. I used columns for the different categories of
>>material, and then you can sum the columns at the top of the sheet. You
>>can enter formulas to include the weights for the different categories.
>>You must enter the formula for each resource that you want to treat
>>this way. I created a screencast to show students how to read the
>>sheet: https://connect.msu.edu/loncapa-grades/
>>I encountered a minor bug that occurred when I copied my course from
>>one semester to the next. Some cells were not completely null in the
>>copy, and the '&NUM', '&SUBMIN' functions were compromised, but I know
>>Stuart Raeburn worked on that and I have not tested subsequently. I'm
>>not using it this semester because I decided to use i>clickers and
>>transferring loncapa stuff to the MSU d2l system was less work than
>>importing a lot of i>clicker data into loncapa.
>>This is a very powerful tool. To make it more useful, it would be good
>>(minor issue) the header could be static so it was visible when working
>>in rows far from the header; 2) (major issue) the row numbers and
>>resource names were visible when working far to the right if in column
>>z for example;
>>3) (minor issue) The table columns all lined up. Currently each folder
>>is a separate table so that there are many tables of different widths
>>so the columns don't line up through the entire course; 4) They
>>integrated with
>>i>clickers used here at MSU.
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>>Hi All,
>>Thank you Peter and Mark.  Excuse the basic question on spreadsheets,
>>but I'm not finding this addressed anywhere. Is there only one
>>Assessment spreadsheet per course?  ....
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