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Mills, Douglas G dmills at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 3 13:34:38 EST 2015

HI All,

An instructor has a quiz problem with three <parts>.  The first part consists of four string responses and students should have two tries to get this right. HOWEVER, when a student submit an answer to the first part it is immediately evaluated as wrong and they do not receive a second attempt. Furthermore, when you click "previous tries" all four text boxes for this part show as blank.  In the grading interface, under Submissions for this part it says "Nothing submitted – no attempts" for all four responses.  Under Status it says "assigned_score" and shows a red checkmark there.  In the actual "Assign Grades" section of the page it shows a 0 selected and a red checkmark under problem weight.

Both other parts of this problem work correctly.  This is across probably all hundred + students who've done the quiz so far.

Two more points:
* When I as a Course coordinator did the problem and got it right (the instructor was helping me :-), it shows as correct and the Previous Tries pop-up shows what I entered.
* I imported the quiz into another course it it functions as it should there.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technologies
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
dmills at illinois.edu<mailto:dmills at illinois.edu>
(217) 244-5739

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