[LON-CAPA-users] FW: printing of math

Jacob bond13 at purdue.edu
Sat Dec 5 22:02:55 EST 2015

>Could I have your permission to insert some of your response into the
>lon-capa documentation? It seems that the '$' and '$$' methods should be
>recommended as LaTeX 'robust' and that the '\(' and '\[' methods could be
>explained as supported, but considered as LaTeX 'fragile' with a reference
>to consult a LaTeX manual if use of the fragile method results in unexpected
>results occur.
>Carl Lira
>Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
>Michigan State


I would discourage you from going so far as recommending $ and $$. As 
explained here:
$ and $$ are not officially supported in LaTeX. Though they do work, 
they are holdovers from TeX/AMS-TeX. The LaTeX equivalents are \(,\) and 

Jacob Bond

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