[LON-CAPA-users] FW: printing of math

Damien Guillaume damieng at msu.edu
Wed Dec 2 10:25:44 EST 2015

> Why it is a bug? It seems to be import to distinguish between
>     <m> $ \widetilde{\nu}=1/\lambda $ </m>
> or <m> \( \widetilde{\nu}=1/\lambda \) </m>
> and, on the other hand,
> <m> \[ \widetilde{\nu}=1/\lambda \] </m>

The current behavior, with MathJax displaying equations as if there were 
$ delimiters while other renderers do not, is a bug because it leads to 
errors. I am not suggesting we remove delimiters at this point: the 
easiest fix (which is probably what we will do if it is not already 
done) is to make MathJax display fail when it is missing $ delimiters. 
It makes sense especially since MathJax only supports equations, while 
<m> is supposed to handle LaTeX outside of equation delimiters.

In the future I think we should move away from non-math LaTeX (which 
would reduce this problem), but that is another topic of discussion.


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