[LON-CAPA-users] another instance of correct answer apparently being unaccepted...

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Thu Sep 11 21:50:54 EDT 2014


I have added you to bug 6740, which was filed for a similar situation  
in a different domain. Note: that bug is only visible to  
bugs.loncapa.org users explicitly included as a CC, reporter or a  
developer since it includes some student information.

You may want to copy the screenshots you uploaded to  
https://uofi.box.com/ and linked to in your two posts to the  
lon-capa-users mailing lists to that bug report as attachments.

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting "Mills, Douglas G" <dmills at illinois.edu>:

> Hi All,
> I've amassed as much data as I know how to amass on this situation   
> which has occurred now with a different student. Here's what I have:
> Looking at his "scores per problem" view via the Course Progress   
> interface, it appears that he has credit for all 15 questions:
> https://uofi.box.com/s/cn7vrpqyenp1zr7owke9
> Clicking on the links to view his actual submissions, however,   
> indicates that question 15 is currently wrong. Here's a screenshot   
> of that with the previous tries dialogue up where you can see that   
> his second attempt was graded as CORRECT:
> https://uofi.box.com/s/a17kkg1mfk2029k9kgpz
> Here I scroll down the page and look at his submissions for this   
> part. I see an incorrect submission, what appears to be a   
> non-submission -- the date and time are there but no other details,   
> the submission judged as "exact_ans" and then one evaluated ad   
> "incorrect."  Note also that these two latter submissions are both   
> listed as Trial: 2. Then there are several more "non-submissions" --  
>  dates are there, but no other information.   Not in the screen shot  
>  there are a couple other parts submitted next, then several more of  
>  these non-submissions:
> https://uofi.box.com/s/hdttef80s3d8sn1ueqfr
> And finally here is where I click as if to manually assign grades to  
>  this student.  Part 41 is the part in question. You see here that  
> it  shows part 41 as currently being awarded 1 point (if I  
> understand  that correctly) but NOT having the red checkmark next to  
> it under  weight.  Thinking perhaps I can override, I went ahead and  
> saved  this as if I had awarded 1 point but that did not change  
> anything  when I came back to the student.
> https://uofi.box.com/s/0ogcwvdze360djbk89np
> This is especially irksome because it has occurred on our prelab0   
> and Safety quiz which is has to be completed before anything else in  
>  the course can be accessed. The student is stuck, I think as   
> represented by all the "non-submissions" now showing . I 'll next   
> try resetting the problem and hopefully he can then successfully   
> complete it, but I wanted to document what we're seeing here first.   
> Any thoughts?  Is there somewhere I should be pulling a more   
> thorough report of what has transpired from?
> Doug
> Douglas Mills
> Director of Instructional Technologies
> Department of Chemistry
> University of Illinois
> dmills at illinois.edu<mailto:dmills at illinois.edu>
> (217) 244-5739

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